Printing & Posters

Welcome to The Killbots Demands, a collection of screen printed posters by Randy Walton. All silkscreen posters are created with a small in-house exposure box and printing setup. Most of the themes are from science fiction novels which are merged with a certain artist style and layout.

Oh, the things you'll see
The Gentleman Loser
The Three R’s
The Star Traveller
The Slow Blade
Intrepid Explorer
A Voyage Across Space?
A Voyage Across Time?
Cthulhu Devours All
Automatic Jack
The Saucer People
The Pinstriped Lighthugger
The Spacing Guild Needs You!
Conjoiner Quality
To Jupiter & Its Galilean Moons
To Saturn & Beyond
Buy, Furious Fremen!
Lem Cards