Printing & Posters

Welcome to The Killbots Demands, a collection of screen printed posters by Randy Walton. All silkscreen posters are created with a small in-house exposure box and printing setup. Most of the themes are from science fiction novels which are merged with a certain artist style and layout. You can purchase reproduction prints of my posters at

Oh, the things you'll see
The Gentleman Loser
The Three R’s
The Star Traveller
The Slow Blade
Intrepid Explorer
A Voyage Across Space?
A Voyage Across Time?
Cthulhu Devours All
Automatic Jack
The Saucer People
The Pinstriped Lighthugger
The Spacing Guild Needs You!
Conjoiner Quality
To Jupiter & Its Galilean Moons
To Saturn & Beyond
Buy, Furious Fremen!
Lem Cards